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Baja Organik NPK 888-3MgO+10%Humic Acid / Baja Kopi (1kg)

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HIgh Quality Imported product
Nice coffee smell
Soluble oranic material
Organic material available / readiness for plant uptake
Incorporated with Trace Element - MgO, Sulfur etc
Pack in re-usable  bottle
Granular form 

Baja Organik 8-8-8-3MgO+10% Humic Acid / Baja Kopi
This is a high grade granular NPK feretilizer with stable content of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash incorporate with Magnesium(Mgo) and other trace element
It also contain sufficient level og Humic Acid (HA) and Organic material.

Advantages :
Increase nutrient uptake
Decrease Toxin in the Soil
Increase water retention / Water holding capacity
Improve good microbial activity in the soil
Improve overall soil structure

Recommendation / Usage :
Leafy and Fruity Vegetables : 20-50g ( 1 table spoon ) - apply every 10-14 days
Fruits tree : 100- 300g - apply every 1-2 month


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