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Foliar fertilizer / Water Soluble - LE CUBE 10kg - 10-55-10+TE

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ANPIKA Water Soluble fertilizer
High soluble grade fertilizer known for it solubility and in an available form for the plant
to take up the nutrient. 100% imported material with from the best quality raw material
producer worldwide blended and mix to suite tropical climate for best performance.

Advantages :
- Fine powder form easy to dissolve in water
- high solubility make it stable and no blockage in your dripping system.
- Readiness for plant uptake
- Direct contact with leaf, will direct absorb in the leaf and immediately ready as plant food
- High nutrient content compare with other product in market.
- Low dosage for application but best effect since its highly concentrated product.

Plant type :
Suitable for Leafy plant , flowery , Legum , Fruity , stemmed

Vegetative/ Immature phase - 1g ANPIKA into 1Lit of water ( spray dilution / Foliar )
or 20-50g LE CUBE for broadcast ( tabur )

Mature phase ( flowering/fruting ) - 2.5g - 5g ANPIKA into 1Lit of water ( spray dilution / Foliar )
or 50-100g LE CUBE for broadcast ( tabur )

Packing : 8kg in woven bag pack in carton box

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